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brown didn't stop until he had to. he had concert dates lined up in the district. when he got sick and ended up in the hospital. tonight, the man behind busting loose and so many distinctive songs has died. we'll start our team coverage with audrey barnes. >> by early afternoon, chuck brown's manager confirm what many feared was coming for weeks. the legendary singer and guitarist was dead. it didn't take long for radio stations to start playing all the hits and for people to take to the streets to remember him. an impromptu vigil at the howard theater swelled to the hundreds. fans and friends of d.c. great, chuck brown, gathered to remember him. radio station, wkys pumped out a stream of his songs. brown was supposed to hold a concert at the howard last month, but had to cancel when he fell ill. >> he just put d.c. on the map. >> on the ♪ [ musical map, that is. he helped launch a new genera in d.c. called go-go. busting loose grew his fan base over time. brown received his first grammy nomination in 2010 for a duo called love. his family is asking for privacy, but not befor
brown. one day after his death tributes continue to pour in for the d.c. legend. fox 5's karen gray houston has more. >> what are your kindest memories of chuck brown? >> reporter: go go on the internet is playing chuck brown 24/7. dee-jay swag and rico teaming up for enter avenue radio. >> today it is all about the -- interactive radio. >> today it is all about the godfather chuck brown. >> reporter: fans calling in with their feelings, the calls and remembrances between the classic driving percussion of the go go beat that was undisputablely chuck brown's own and you can't listen to the music without dancing to it. 40 years after the godfather created go go callers looked back on his legacy. >> this is all the rest of the day i want to listen to this. i hope i don't get fired. >> reporter: nico is the co- owner of go go crop said chuck brown's creation was not just about the beat and the music. >> all the bans come off his style. so we -- bands come off his style. so we here are just celebrating him as we would any other. he is our michael jackson basically. >> report
to lying to the fbi about payments he and another aide thomas gore made to sulaimon brown using gray campaign funds. brown was paid to keep up verbal attacks against then mayor adrian fenty. the prosecutors say gore would take out money orders, then brooks would put false names on them and hand them over to sulaimon brown. the money orders had a total value of over $2,000. >> the underlying charges go to the very heart of our electoral system. we need to have a fair and honest system of elections and obviously mr. brooks along with others violated thiazin of fairness when they engaged in this scheme. >> -- this sense of fairness when they engaged in this scheme. >> brooks said he was instructed to give the money to brown, but it's unclear who instructed him to do so. >>> more fallout from that lavish $800,000 las vegas conference held by the general services administration. the official at the center of the scandal left the agency. jeff neely played a big role in organizing the 2010 conference. you may also remember this video that showed employees mocking the agency's spending habit
filled up two days ago and i'm doing it again. >> reporter: marianne brown commutes from her home in fum dries. >> it's usually about 30 -- dumfries. >> it's usually about $30 a week to me. >> reporter: betty wong last filled up two weeks ago. >> it was about $60, yeah. >> reporter: fueling up tonight cost her? >> 55. >> reporter: yup, $5 less than just two weeks ago. >> this is great. what can i say? >> reporter: we can tell you it's not bargain shopping everywhere. on river road ins by tay prices for that same -- in bethesda, prices for that same gasoline are almost four bucks a gallon. >> prices have been declining for the longest downwood stretch in over a year. drivers in chicago paying the most, those in tulsa, oklahoma, the least for their gasoline. >>> a developing story this evening, the first criminal case to come out of the year long investigation of the vince gray mayoral campaign. the assistant treasurer is expected to cop a plea to charges of wrongdoing tomorrow. fox 5's karen gray houston with the details. >> thomas gore is said to be a long time friend of mayor gray,
of chuck brown will hold a public viewing at the howard theater. wisdom martin has more on how the fans will have say chance to say good-bye. ♪ when i first came to the city ♪ will be the last chance for fans to say good-bye to chuck brown at howard theater. >> to walk into the theater and see him in his hat, guitar. >> reporter: brown had been in the theater during the renovation. he was scheduled to perform here april 21st. >> i know chuck was very excited about getting back here at the howard. >> reporter: he would never get the chance to take the stage. he died earlier this morning at the age of 75. now his fans will meet at howard theater to pay their respects and honor his legacy. organizers are expecting thousands of people to be here and also expect it to be extremely hot. because of that emergency personnel will set up across the street at ellington plaza. >> the fire department, ems, police department, everyone will be outside. we have tons of water for the public as well. we'll have a nursings station. >> reporter: with more than 30,000 expected -- a nurses station. >
in paying sulaimon brown or offering him a job in exchange for a tax on former mayor, adrian fenty. it appears a campaign aid, thomas gore, sure did. no comment from thomas gore as he left court today. gore is a friend and long time campaign worker for vincent gray. he admitted in court today to taking out a total of $660 worth of money orders and passing them on to a person referred to as person a. he says person a would then give those money orders to sulaimon brown. gore admitted when brown went to the media about being paid to attack fenty, he shredded a notebook with payment records because he knew what he was doing was illegal. gore's attorney says he believes others will be charged and here's what he had to say about mayor gray. >> nothing in the statement mentions any participation mayor gray. >> thomas gore could face time in prison for these charges, but a judge said that prosecutors could recommend a lighter sentence if gore continues to cooperate with federal authorities as they continue their investigation into the gray campaign. in the newsroom, fox 5 news. >>> pres
worked with thomas gore who had to pay sulaimon brown. gore pleaded guilty yesterday to four charges in the case. >>> an honor for a fallen maryland state trooper today. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> new highway signs were unveiled today and put up along the beltway to honor trooper wesley brown who was shot to death in june of 2010 when he worked security at a forestville restaurant. he made a huge impact on the lives of those who knew him. he started a mentoring program called young men enlightening other men. >> key witnesses changing their stories about the night trayvon martin was killed. according to the orlando sentinel, a woman who said she saw two men running now says she only saw one person. another woman who saw the fight initially said she couldn't tell who was on top during the fight now believes it was george zimmerman. zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense. >>> the first ever free presidential elections in egypt today had women flocking to the polls. it's a much anticipated end to the rocky transitional period there after last year's ouster of former
investigators continue to conduct other investigations into several d.c. leader, mayor vincent gray, kwame brown another. fox 5's matt ackland spoke to the u.s. attorney who said thomas' sentence should send a message to others who want to defraud the government. >> reporter: harry thomas jr. had nothing to say to reporter as he left the courthouse. earlier thomas told judge john bates that he had humiliated his family and community and said, "what i did was wrong, your honor, and i broke the law." >> reporter: u.s. attorney ron machen spoke to us not long after sentencing. >> i think justice was served today. i think a powerful message was sent that if you engage in public corruption that there will be consequences and you'll forfeit not only ill gotten gains of your corrupt conduct, but your freedom. >> reporter: when asked about other investigations currently underway and to mayor vincent gray and council chairman kwame brown, machen was limited in what he could say. >> we really can't talk about that. i can tell you we're obviously working as hard as we can. we understand there's a sense
. >> reporter: randy brown is the victim's friend and lives in the area. >> it's really difficult for me to watch, to see a friend of yours beaten like that. >> reporter: the suspect is still on the run. brown and several other members of the community attended a community meeting at the police station nearby. >> i really want to find out what leads they have, what suspects they're looking for, what they're doing to work with many other public agencies to get the word out. >> council member jim graham, police leaders and detectives spoke with concerned residents in the area about the crime and what's going on on w street. >> i was somewhat alarmed just for the fact that he was asking the guy to do something that wasn't really, you know, didn't seem like it was an unreasonable thing to ask somebody. >> i'm just concerned about the crime in the area. i live here. this is my home and i want to make sure it's safe, make sure d.c. is doing all they can do. >> police say tomorrow investigators will be knocking on doors in the community looking for information. they will also be passing out fl
, received a ban. defensive lineman, anthony now with the packers. linebacker, scott now with the browns and missed three games. all four players have three days to appeal. and right now, the caps and the rangers still tied 1-1 in the second overtime. there's currently 5:57 left in the second ot. that's sports, i'm dave feldman. brian with back with more of the edge after this. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. : one of the most famous paintings in the world has been sold for a record breaking $120 million. the scream went up on the auction block in new york city tonight. the winning bid, $119,922,500. the 1895 artwork is one of four versions by the norwegian expressionist painter. it is the only one left in private hands. no word on the identity of the buyer. as always, thanks for staying up late. >>> fox 5
and james brown. it will be tomorrow at the convention center from noon to 4:00. it's expected to be well attended so the city is urging you to take public bus or rail >>> a metro worker who was hit by a train yesterday remains in critical condition tonight. the name has not yet been released. the maintenance worker was hit early. rescue workers flew him to trauma. counseling is provided for his coworkers. >>> news of virginia where a small town reacted to the arrest of a police officer. a special grand jury indicted daniel harmon wright on murder charges. he shot and killed patricia cook during a traffic stop last techry. he claims it was in self- defense. lori evans has more. >> reporter: most people in culpeper have something to say about the arrest of the shooter of patricia cook. police arrested an officer. and his own mother was arrested for trying to destroy negative information in her son's personnel police file. the case has had the town abuzz since the shooting happened on january 9th. officer wright was responding to reports of a suspicious woman in a vehicle counsel town. he s
the money, the city should not pay the employees for the time they had off. council chairman kwame brown spoke in favor of paying employees back. >> well, it's my conscience telling me it's the right thing to do. clearly i want to pay everyone. you look at it, we tax income on people. we had the muni bond, cut human services, put more speed cameras all over the place. we had a deficit we needed to take care of. i would love to give that money back. >> district council members will speak about these furlough days and whether or not they want to pay back these days tomorrow at a council meeting. >>> still ahead on the news edge at 11:00 the one year anniversary of osama bin laden's death is this week. the hot topic on the campaign trail tonight, details coming up next. >> this is fox 5   news edge at 11:00.  >>> man whose name became better known as a documentary went viral is now trying to outrun international fours. american special forces are joining the search for joseph kony who is part of the records salvation army a central south african guerilla group known
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12